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j6I think I have the best kids in the world.  This letter was written to President Obama by my youngest son for last year’s Mother’s Day (2012).  He was only 8.  I still love this letter and thought it will be appropriate to share it this Mother’s Day. 

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do……and Happy Mother’s Day!

Dear President Obama,

May 11, 2012

My name is Joshua Lee and I live in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I need to tell you photo-jjsomething very important. I came up with this great idea of Grace Kim Day celebrated on May 4th. It might sound silly but I think it’s creative.

On a hot summer day, I was born and my mom became the best mom ever. She always drove me and my brother to violin and she takes good care of me. When I was younger she signed me up for soccer and basketball so I have things to do every week.

On Grace Kim Day we will see fireworks that shape a heart and we will go to jewelry stores since my mom’s addicted to jewelry. People will take walks in the woods and see beautiful things.

photo (3)a

click to enlarge. he is either being really sweet or being real lazy…..

photo-jAfter that, they could play a soccer scrimmage and eat at a Korean Restaurant to have delicious food. Finally, at the end of the day, you would give a back massage to your loved one so they could relax and sleep.


President Obama, if you make this a holiday for my mom, people will buy the things so business won’t run down.

People will also become healthier because they will play soccer and their heart will beat faster. Also, people will feel delighted to see the photo-j1scenery and people will have a good time falling asleep because of the massage.

If you accept this holiday, my mom will feel special and proud of me. She would know how important she is to me.



Your pal, Joshua Lee


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Joshua is in grade 4 at LVA.  He plays soccer and basketball. He loves to play the violin, piano, and read fiction.

(Photo Credit: Dwight Morita)