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My youngest son is always full of surprises.  He surprised me a few weeks ago by saying that he wrote a blog for me to post on my site.  He astonished me even further by writing an “Autobiography” of his life.  Remember, he is only in grade 4!  Hope you enjoy his life story as much as I did.  His life is pretty awesome!


By: Joshua Lee

Do you play soccer? I do. My name is Joshua Benjamin Lee and I’m nine. I was born in Toronto, Canada. I have an older brother, an older sister and of course, my mom and dad. My brother Theodore is fourteen. He is very athletic. He plays soccer, does track for his high school, and is very good at basketball. My sister Elisabeth is twelve and is very good at ballet and singing.

My mom and dad are both college professors. My mom works at Moravian College and my dad works at Kutztown University.soccer

The sports I play are soccer and basketball. Soccer is my favorite sport because I always play it every year. When I grow up I want to be a professional soccer player.  I hope my wish comes true.

My favorite color is green, the best movie in my opinion is Avengers because it has lots of action and it is funny. The best food in the world is macaroni and cheese, and bacon burger with some salty french fries from Burger King. My favorite dessert is Rita’s Italian Ice and strawberry shortcake popsicles.


The original blog that he wrote and sent to me. He inserted all the pictures himself.

My special talents are to play violin and piano, and make people laugh – really hard.

One of my achievements I have achieved was when I was in second grade. We had a math competition at school. We had to see which person can answer the question before the other person said the answer. Then I won 1st place. I got nineteen answers correct and the second place got seventeen answers correct. Everyone got a participation ribbon but me, I got a trophy.

Please stay tuned…. because next year my life will probably change!







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web5Joshua is in grade 4 at LVA.  He plays soccer and basketball. He loves to play the violin, piano, and read fiction.

(Photo Credit: Dwight Morita)