Homebrewed Christianity: Gangnam Style & Theology


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So excited to be interviewed for “Homebrewed Christianity” about my new co-written book with Joseph Cheah, “Theological Reflections on Gangnam Style”.

 I am reposting the podcast from the Homebrewed Christianity Website.  Click here for the original post.
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Palm Oil: Issues of Climate Change and Human Rights Violations


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safe_image.phpMy new Huffington Post co-authored with my son by Theodore Andrew Lee.  So proud of his work, writing and interests.  Feel free to share and/or comment.

We often use household products without ever thinking where they come from, how they are produced, and who produces them. We live in a comfortable world where we simply go to the grocery store and buy things we need without thinking twice about their production or how they landed on our grocery store shelves. Our thoughts do not go beyond how everything is accessible, useable and available for consumption. Continue reading

Jesus and the Cross: Rejection and Resurrection


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crossThis is a repost of my last year’s Huffington Post, “Jesus and the Cross“.

I hate to be rejected. Don’t you?

No one likes rejection. Yet, we experience rejection and its pain from an early age. Children feel hurt when, on the playground or in other settings, they are not allowed to play a game with the rest of the kids. Childhood rejection may even be self-inflicted, when we resent the fact that we are afraid to climb up to the top of the Jungle Gym. Continue reading

Tony Jones: Did God Kill Jesus? Searching for Love in History’s Most Famous Execution


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DGKJ-coverI am really excited to endorse this new book by Dr. Tony Jones, Did God Kill Jesus? Searching for Love in History’s Most Famous Execution.

This new book is a must read on how we understand the atonement. This is deeply important for the church throughout our theological development. It is even more pertinent today.  Read Jone’s new book to get a deeper, clearer understanding of the death of Jesus. Continue reading

Made in the Image of God: Art, Feminist Theology and Caroline Mackenzie


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safeToday is Women’s World Day of Prayer.  Please keep women in your prayers. Here is my latest Huffington Post, “Made in the Image of God“.  Celebrate Women’s World Day of Prayer…….

My theological writings arise from my personal journey through faith and doubt, difficulties and joys. Many of our encounters with God inform our theology, make us who we are, and shape our living. I position my writings to reflect this part of my life that I try to live out as faithfully as I can. Continue reading

Here I Am: Faith Stories of Korean American Clergywomen


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Final cover[2]A new edited book, Here I Am: Faith Stories of Korean American Clergywomen (Philadelphia: Judson Press) will be released October 20, 2015.

This is a special book as it was written in part to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Korean American Presbyterian Clergywoman (2015). Therefore, help us celebrate our anniversary and share the news of our book coming out this Fall.

A big thank you to all the writers who made this book possible. Also to those who helped fund this book through Pubslush, we are very grateful.


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