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I have been part of the World Council of Churches (WCC) Working Group on Climate Justice. We have met online during the pandemic, so it was wonderful to see everyone face to face in Ban Herrenalb, Germany August 27-29, 2022.

It was wonderful to meet with the Indigenous People’s Reference Group for the WCC. We cannot work on climate justice without listening to Indigenous Peoples. They have lived in harmony with the earth for 1000’s of years and it is only in the last 150 years that our lifestyles have begun to ruin the earth.

We need to acknowledge our role in colonialism, genocide and displacement of Native Americans if we are to move on. Without repenting of our sins, we cannot work towards climate justice as all these social justice issues are intersectional.

Leading worship at the WCC Working Group on climate change.
WCC climate change working group

A book discussion on “Making Peace with the Earth: Action and Advocacy for Climate Justice” was held at the ecumenical center on 29 September 2016.