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I endorsed a wonderful new book, In the Beginning was the Spirit, by Diamuird O’Murchu MSC.  This is O’Murchu’s short blog about his new book.

“I am grateful to Grace Ji-Sun Kim for her support and endorsement of my new book, In the Beginning was the Spirit. In the Introduction I offer this resume:

This is a book about the Great Spirit, an outrageous attempt at a synthesis between first-nations spirituality, physics, biology, consciousness studies, theology, world religions and various social sciences (especially psychology, palaeontology and anthropology). It is a multi-disciplinary project, seeking truth through inter-disciplinary dialogue. 
Indigenous peoples all over the world believe in the Great Spirit. It is their primary understanding of God, whose empowering presence is embodied first and foremost in creation itself. The Great Spirit is understood to be the source of all that exists and sustains everything in creation through its empowering creativity.
Long before formal religions came into being, humans invested faith and meaning in the Great Spirit. Echoes of this primordial belief resound in all the religions, but tend to be muted, suppressed and sometimes condemned as ancient paganism.

I hope this book will reawaken interest in a subject which has not merely a fascinating historical relevance, but can contribute significantly to the spiritual re-awakening evidenced in many parts of the contemporary world.”

Diarmuid O’Murchu MSC

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Diarmuid O’Murchu is a priest, author, and social psychologist, who works internationally as a workshop leader and group facilitator; more information on his webpage: WWW.Diarmuid13.com