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A few weeks ago, I was so honored to be invited by Dr. Adam C. English to be the Staley Lecturer at Campbell University. I am always humbled when an undergraduate program in Christian Studies invites me to lecture. I know that some seminaries use my work and books, but I am always grateful when an undergraduate program in Christian Studies is also aware of my work.

I focused my 2 lectures on my two books, Healing Our Broken Humanity co-written with Graham Joseph Hill and Invisible.

Both of these books deals with the brokenness in our society, church and family. There are problems of sexism, racism, homophobia and other intersectional issues of oppression which intersect to oppress, marginalize and make individuals and groups invisible.

It is one thing to want to become invisible within a crowd, church or school, but it is another act to be made invisible. There is no room for invisibility within the kin-dom of God as we are all created beautifully and extraordinarily in the image of God. The Spirit of God is within everyone and therefore we all need to embrace one another and love one another.

In my book, Invisible, I work towards a “Theology of Visibility” which I hope will be helpful to many people. I used 4 Korean words to help us move towards visibility. The four terms are:

  1. Ou-ri
  2. han
  3. jeong
  4. Chi

I hope that these Asian terms will help deepen our understanding of God, each other and how to build the kin-dom here on earth.

I really enjoyed meeting new faculty, staff and students at Campbell University. It is a real gift to meet so many wonderful people who enrich me during my visits to various campuses around the country.


A book which also tackles AAPI racism is by Dr. Joseph Cheah, Anti-Asian Racism (Orbis Books). You can read my interview with him on his book here. Please use discount code “MAD” to get 30% off his book.

Upcoming events:

  1. Speaker at the Society of Pentecostal Studies.
  1. Panelist: Draw the Circle Wide: A Panel Discussion on Racial Justice and Restorative Work at Drew Theological Seminary
  2. Join me at Wild Goose Festival. Use discount code “Madang” to get 50.00 off registration. See you there.


  1. Please attend PANAAWTM’s opening panel “Eco-Justice Rising” on March 16. Please support this amazing organization by going to www.panaawtm.org and donate.