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Post-Penal Substitutionary Atonement – With Jennifer Garcia Bashaw, Adam Clark, and Grace Ji-Sun Kim

It was a joy to be at Homebrewed Christianity Beer Camp and be on Rethinking Faith podcast hosted by Josh Patterson. I was joined by Drs. Adam Clark,

This week we have the privilege of sharing a conversation that Josh had at Theology Beer Camp about the Atonement. Josh hosted a live podcast featuring a panel of amazing scholars from a diverse spectrum of backgrounds. Enjoy!


Experiencing God Class

About the Class:

Many of us struggle to make sense of our experiences of God as both our external world and internal identities experience apocalyptic-levels of change. But if there’s to be a role for belief in this complicated contemporary age, its relevance will emerge from people who can testify to some sincere and transformative encounter with the divine. 

Join us for this 4-week class. It will be a robust exploration of how the tools of science, philosophy, and theology help us discern meaning from divine encounters. We’ll discuss God-experiences as mediated through faith communities, the mind, nature, the Bible, psychedelics, and more. And we’ll do all this with an eye towards the future, exploring the range of possibilities for how a lived-theology could express itself in the world. 

This will be the Theology Beer Camp online experience. If you weren’t able to join us in Raleigh, NC in Oct ‘22, you’ll be able to have the virtual experience through this class, with access to all of the event keynotes, along with other never-before-released bonus material.

Questions Driving the Class:

  • How should we engage God through scripture beyond the demands of certain, final, and universal answers?
  • How can the scientific accounts of religious experience become tools for spiritual growth?
  • Where do we go in a world struggling for survival and liberation to encounter the divine?
  • How can we move beyond toxic religion and bad theology?
  • What is the good life? How can the struggle of faith help?
  • How can we live before we die?

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