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I contributed a chapter to a new book, Encountering the Sacred: Feminist Reflections on Women’s Lives  edited by Rebecca Todd Peters and Grace Y. Kao.

My chapter is entitled, “Where Are You REALLY From?”:  Racism,”. I hope you all get a chance to read the entire book.

About the Book

Many women of faith are interested in having deep conversations with their friends and families about issues they face in their personal lives. Unfortunately, there is a dearth of feminist and theologically progressive materials for these women to turn to for counsel or advice. Simultaneously, there are a growing number of theologically trained biblical scholars, theologians, and ministers who are experiencing similar life challenges, but who are generally discouraged from writing about these experiences in ways that would be accessible to the general public. This book bridges the chasm between Christian laywomen and feminist theologians.

For the last fifty years, feminist theologians have sought to reimagine Christian theology in ways that speak to the realities and complexities of women’s lives. They have also sought to use women’s experience as the starting point for theological reflection in the same way that men’s lives have shaped the history of Christian theology for the past 2000 years. In this book, feminist Christian scholars of theology and religion use the tools of their trade to examine powerful personal life experiences and to search for new and empowering ways of understanding the power of the sacred as they have experienced it.

Some of the Contributors of this book had a celebration in Denver at the AAR/SBL conference November 2018.

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