Madang Podcast

Madang: A New Podcast

My fondest memories of my childhood in Korea were when I would visit my grandmother’s house. There, dropped like a patch of vibrant green earth in moldy concrete, was the madang, the outdoor courtyard within a traditional Korean home. It was the place in which I played make-believe, the place where real life and the abstract first met.

A traditional characteristic of a Korean home, the madang is like an outdoor family room where friends and strangers alike gather to engage in conversation, debate and celebration. Most of the rooms in the home are entered through the madang, serving as a symbolic, inclusive title that beholds a space of new encounters with guests that seek to share their work and find fellowship in conversation.

My hope with the Madang podcast is to establish a network of virtual madangs, welcoming an array of guests to freely talk about their life, their understandings of God and their opinions on modern issues in religion and culture. It is my hope that listeners will create madangs around the world as they listen in, sharing the madang space we all cohabit to incite greater compassion, humanity and justice in the world. 

The madang is open: I invite you to come in, converse, envision, reimagine and stay for a while.

About Madang:

Madang is the outdoor living room of the world. Here, we invite you to sit and tune into unreserved, remarkable conversations with renown authors, leaders, public figures and scholars on religion, culture and everything in-between.

Madang podcast is hosted by Christian Century Magazine.

Episode 24: Cole Arthur Riley, author of Here This Flesh

Episode 23: Otis Moss III, author of Dancing in the Darkness

Episode 22: Kelly Brown Douglas, author of Resurrection Hope

Episode 21: Jemar Tisby, author of How We Fight Racism

A conversation with activist and New York Times bestselling author Jemar Tisby about racism, the concept of race, how to work for racial justice, and more

Episode 20: Liz Theoharis, author of We Cry Justice.

A conversation with activist and scholar Liz Theoharis about the Poor People’s Campaign, Paul’s letters, jubilee, and more  

Episode 19: Brian McLaren, author of Do I Stay Christian?

A conversation with public theologian and popular author Brian D. McLaren about White Christianity, heresy, The Doctrine of Discovery and more 

by Grace Ji-Sun Kim July 26, 2022

Episode 18: Chris Hedges, author of Our Class.

A conversation about his ordination and prison ministry, White liberals in the church, Jesus and insurrection, and more

by Grace Ji-Sun Kim June 27, 2022

Episode 17: Lisa Sharon Harper, author of Fortune.

A conversation with public theologian and author Lisa Sharon Harper about enslavement and indentured servants, race laws, ubuntu, and more

by Grace Ji-Sun Kim May 31, 2022

Episode 16: Theologian Mitri Raheb, author of The Politics of Persecution

A conversation with theologian Mitri Raheb about the Ottoman, British, and French empires, persecution and resilience, the White Jesus, and more

by Grace Ji-Sun Kim, May 3, 2022

Episode 15: Public theologian Christena Cleveland, author of God is a Black Woman

A conversation with public theologian Christena Cleveland about whitemalegod, fatherskygod, her pilgrimage in France, and more  

by Grace Ji-Sun Kim, March 23, 2022

Episode 14: Poet and writer Kaitlin Curtice, author of Native

A conversation with author Kaitlin Curtice about poetry, women as water protectors, baptism, land acknowledgments, and more  

by Grace Ji-Sun Kim, February 2, 2022

Episode 13: Community developer and editor Chris Smith, author of How the Body of Christ Talks

A conversation with community developer and editor Chris Smith about the Englewood Review of Books, spirituality for the journey, the messiness of life, and more  

by Grace Ji-Sun Kim, December 13, 2021

Episode 12: Pastor and activist Jacqui Lewis, author of Fierce Love

A conversation with pastor and activist Jacqui Lewis about love and pain, self-love, White nationalism, breaking boundaries, and more  

by Grace Ji-Sun Kim, November 16, 2021

Episode 11: Biblical scholar Wil Gafney, author of A Women’s Lectionary for the Whole Church, Year A and Year W

A conversation with biblical scholar Wil Gafney on using Twitter in the classroom, Jesus and Hagar, the problem with racialized binaries, gender expansive language, and more

by Grace Ji-Sun Kim, October 13, 2021

Episode 10: Theologian and podcaster Tripp Fuller, author of Divine Self-Investment

A conversation with theologian and podcaster Tripp Fuller about the Homebrewed Christianity podcast, open and relational theology, han and suffering, and more

by Grace Ji-Sun Kim, September 9, 2021

Episode 9: Historian Kristin Du Mez, author of Jesus and John Wayne

A conversation with historian Kristin Du Mez about motherhood and writing, Christian Nationalism, masculinity and patriarchy in evangelicalism, and more

by Grace Ji-Sun Kim, July 15, 2021

Episode 8: Pastor and activist Melissa Florer-Bixler, author of How to Have an Enemy

A conversation with pastor and activist Melissa Florer-Bixler about about L’Arche North Carolina, anti-Black racism, defunding the police, holy anger, Mary the first priest, Whiteness, and more 

by Grace Ji-Sun Kim, June 25, 2021

Episode 7: Pastor and activist Bruce Reyes-Chow, author of In Defense of Kindness

A conversation with pastor and activist Bruce Reyes-Chow about #AAPIHeritageMonth, family life, pastoring, living with difficult people, Rosanne Barr trolling him on Twitter, kindness, and more

by Grace Ji-Sun Kim,  May 28, 2021

Episode 6: Gender studies professor Susan Shaw, coauthor of Intersectional Theology 

A conversation with gender studies professor Susan Shaw about her Southern Baptist upbringing, how we met and wrote a book together, her Baptist News Global article that went viral, and more

by Grace Ji-Sun Kim, May 18, 2021

Episode 5: Pastor and activist Al Sharpton, author of Rise Up

A conversation with pastor and activist Al Sharpton about the George Floyd trial, Sharpton’s upbringing in poverty, his relationship to James Brown, and more

by Grace Ji-Sun Kim, April 30, 2021

Episode 4: Pastor and activist Jesse Jackson, author of Keeping Hope Alive

A conversation with pastor and activist Jesse Jackson about his civil rights work with Martin Luther King Jr., his current activism, Nelson Mandela, and more

by Grace Ji-Sun Kim, April 5, 2021

Episode 3: Theologian Miguel De La Torre, author of Decolonizing Christianity

A conversation with pastor and theologian Miguel De La Torre about White Christianity, Christian nationalism, women of color, and more

by Grace Ji-Sun Kim, March 27, 2021

Episode 2: Sociologist Russell Jeung, cofounder of Stop AAPI Hate

A conversation with sociologist and activist Russell Jeung about the Atlanta shootings, the history of anti-Asian hate, the fetishizing of Asian women, and more

Episode 1: Historian Diana Butler Bass, author of Freeing Jesus

A conversation with historian and popular author Diana Butler Bass about her upbringing, Jesus as presence, memoir theology, and more  

by Grace Ji-Sun Kim, March 3, 2021