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I am reposting my substack post on LOKO Dance. Please follow my substack.

I am not a dancer.

I am not even remotely a good dancer. But I have always wanted to take dance lessons. During my High School, our Korean Presbyterian Church rented an old church building in mid town Toronto. The building was old and had a large fellowship hall with a wooden floor and a small balcony which wrapped around the entire hall. It was a beautiful fellowship hall.

This beautiful old church was rented out to different groups throughout the week. One group was a ballet school. A few times, I needed to walk across the balcony to get to the other side of the church and I would watch all the pretty white girls dancing ballet. I even saw some of the their ballet slippers in the bathroom which had an adjoining room which they used as a change room. I deeply wished that my parents had more money to send me to ballet school.

This deep desire within me led me to say, “if I ever have a daughter, I will send her to ballet school”. Then came Elisabeth. When she turned 3, we signed her up at a local small ballet school. When she turned 7, the teachers said that she must go to a better ballet school as she is too advanced than the other girls. So we switched her to the Ballet Guild of the Lehigh Valley. There, she blossomed and danced in many shows and most notably in the Nutcracker.

When she went off to college, she continued her dance in 2 dance groups, LOKO and Impact. Here is her recent LOKO Dance at Cornell University. She is pictured in the far left and she comes in at 1.30 mins into the YouTube video.

I am so proud of her continued dance and I still wish deep down that I was able to have taken dance lessons. If I had, then I wouldn’t be such a terrible dancer today.

Here is another dance from LOKO (she is dancing with the white cardigan…)