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My latest Substack: Madang podcast with Jemar Tisby

This is the 21st episode of Madang where I converse with New York Times Bestselling author, Rev. Dr. Jemar Tisby on his book, How to Fight Racism: Young Reader’s Edition.

Dr. Jemar Tisby is Co-founder and CEO of The Witness Inc., and a New York Times best-selling author of “The Color of Compromise”. He is an author, national speaker, public historian of Race and Religion who is featured in the Washington Post, VOX, CNN and the Atlantic. He has a PhD in History at the University of Mississippi.

So thankful to have Dr. Jemar Tisby to discuss his noteworthy book, How to Fight Racism: Young Reader’s Edition.

Christian Century tweeted, “Why is it so hard to teach kids about racism? ”Because when you try to break it down, it’s just so illogical. It just doesn’t make sense.”-Jemar Tisby.

I have struggled with systemic racism and have attempted to write about it several of my books, InvisibleEmbracing the Other and Healing our Broken Humanity co-written with Dr. Graham Joseph Hill. Dr. Jemar Tisby tackles the topic of racism head on and writes succinctly and clearly to teach us how to fight racism. This book is for young readers but this book is so good that I think it should be subtitled “For All Readers”. Thank you Dr. Tisby for coming on Madang podcast to share your important book.

This episode of Madang podcast holds conversations about racism, his framework called ARC to fight racism, concept of race and how to work for racial justice and so much more.


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