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I had a fantastic time on Homebrewed Christianity with Dr. Tripp Fuller to talk about God. Please listen and also join us at Theology Beer Camp. Use “madang” discount code to get 50.00 off registration.

Grace Ji-Sun Kim: Godly QnA

September 22, 2022 By Tripp Fuller

Grace Ji-Sun Kim is back on the podcast to help me tackle some listener questions. We had a lot of fun as a theological tag team, and if you want to hang out with us, you can come to Theology Beer Camp! When registering for the event, drop the code MADANG for $50 off.

Check out my visit to Grace’s podcast –Here’s the audio & here’s Madang on YouTube?

Grace Ji-Sun Kim is Professor of Theology at Earlham School of Religion. She received her M.Div. from Knox College and her Ph.D. from the University of Toronto. She is the author or editor of 19 books most recently, Keeping Hope Alive; Intersectional Theology co-written with Susan Shaw and Embracing the Other. Kim is a Series Editor for Palgrave Macmillan Series, “Asian Christianity in the Diaspora”. Eerdmans included her in their list of Five Great Women Scholars, and the Englewood Review of Books named her in their list of Ten Important Women Theologians You Should Be Reading

Previous Episodes with Grace

Theology Beer Camp

October 13-15 | Chapel Hill, NC

We are bringing together a bunch of podcasters, scholars, and people who like to nerd out when they party. Our goal is to create a pop-up community of those zesty people who enjoy a quality God-Pod in their ears. At Camp, we will…

  • nerd out with super-nerds (scholars)
  • enjoy some wild live podcasts
  • have some serious fun at a tailgate party, 90s karaoke, theological speed-dating, cornhole tournament, EPIC bottle share, bonfire smores & the “God-Box” 
  • enjoy quality craft beer (& other tasty treats)
  • hang with your favorite podcasters & find new ones
  • leave with some new theology nerd friends