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I will be speaking at Homebrewed Christianity’s Theology Beer Camp. Please use “madang” discount code to get 50.00 off registration. They are also giving away this fabulous book collection, including my book, Invisible. Hope you win the books.




We are extremely excited to announce that we are giving away a deluxe set of the Bibliotheca Bible, complete with its handsome walnut slipcase.

Bibliotheca is an elegant, five-volume edition of the Bible designed to help readers recover an ancient, nearly extinct way of encountering the scriptures. With its spacious, minimalist design and exquisite German binding, it presents the text of the Bible purely and simply for immersive, fluid reading. It’s completely free of chapter and verse numbers and the many other additives found in modern Bibles.

It’s easy to forget that the type of Bible we’re all accustomed to — a single book densely packed with numbered text — has only been around for about 500 years. But before this utilitarian format took over, the literary collection we now call “The Bible” existed as a true library for well over a millennium, preserved in separate scrolls and codices, without chapter or verse divisions, without cross references or section headers. 

It seems incredible to us now that it was with this uncontained, unnumbered library that the great early interpreters of scripture laid the foundations of Jewish and Christian faith and theology! (They must have dominated sword drills!)

By spreading the text accross five volumes, stripping away modern distractions, and employing age-old principles of fine typography, Bibliotheca provides a truly fresh yet ancient way to encounter the scriptures.

BUT WAIT… there’s more.

Since Bibliotheca is sponsoring ’the Only God-Ordained Sword Drill’ at Theology Beer Camp, we thought it would be awesome to add a few Camp Theologians’ books to the giveaway!  So, in addition to the Bibliotheca, you will receive:

If want to be in the house for the ’Only God-Ordained Sword Drill,’ then head over here and join the fun at Theology Beer Camp. Drop the code SwordDrill for $50 off your ticket.


I am so honored and thrilled to be invited to speak at University of St. Michael’s College. It is my alma mater and to be invited back is a huge honor.

I am so excited to be invited to speak on my book, Invisible at the First United Methodist Church, Elmhurst, IL on October 9th at 3:30 p.m. Please join me.