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About Madang:

Madang is the outdoor living room of the world. Here, we invite you to sit and tune into unreserved, remarkable conversations with renown authors, leaders, public figures and scholars on religion, culture and everything in-between.

This has been a dream of mine for many years and now it is. reality. Please join me at madang.

This is the eighteenth episode of Madang where I converse with Chris Hedges,

Chris Hedges is a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist who was a foreign correspondent and bureau chief in the Middle East and the Balkans for fifteen years for The New York Times. Chris Hedges is a cultural critic and author who was a foreign correspondent for nearly two decades for The New York Times, The Dallas Morning News, The Christian Science Monitor and National Public Radio. Hedges, who holds a Master of Divinity from Harvard Divinity School, is the author of the bestsellers American Fascists, Empire of Illusion and the Triumph of Spectacle and was a National Book Critics Circle finalist for his book, War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning. Weekly column for sheer post and a weekly show on The Reel News and you can find him at ChrisHedges.substack.com

So thankful to have Chris Hedges on today to discuss his book, Our Class.

Conversation about his ordination and prison ministry, White liberals in the church, Jesus and insurrection, and more.

Praise for Our Class:

A powerfully moving book that “could make graspable why today’s prisons are contemporary slave plantations” (Alice Walker), giving voice to the poorest among us and laying bare the cruelty of a penal system that too often defines their lives.

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