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I wrote a chapter, “Korean American Women and the Church: Identity, Spirituality, and Gender Roles” in Women in Christianity in the Age of Empire (1800-1920) in the book series: Cultural History of Women in Christianity, ed. Janet Wootton, Abingdon: Routledge, 2022, p. 168-177.

Book Description

Women in Christianity in the Age of Empire (1800–1920) offers a broad view of the nineteenth century as a time of dramatic change, particularly for women, critiqued in the light of postcolonial theory. This edited volume includes important contributions from academics in the field.

Overarching themes include the cult of domesticity, the changing impact of Christianity on views of women’s nature in an age of scientific thinking, conflation of ‘gospel’ and ‘civilization’ in global mission, and the exclusion of women from public spheres of life. We meet powerful saints, campaigners, and thinkers, who bring about genuine transformation in the lives of women, and in society. But we also recognize the long shadow of Empire in the world of the twenty-first century, critiquing Colonialism and Empire, and views that restricted women’s lives.

This engaging volume will be of key interest to students and scholars in Religion and Cultural Studies. Exploring the complexities of the nineteenth centur,y it draws on a range of scholarship, including TV documentaries, film, online, and more traditional academic resources.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Women and Christianity in the Age of Empire (1800–1920) Janet Wootton

1. Theological Approaches to Women in the Age of Empire Julie Melnyk

2. The Virgin Mary Carol Engelhardt Herringer

3. Female Saints: Industry, Image, Inspiration Cynthia Aalders

4. Women, Religion, Science and Technology in the Age of Empire, ca. 1780–1920 Jacqueline R. deVries

5. Education Angharad Eyre

6. Philosophical Beliefs: Global Voices

Christianisation of Female Initiation Rites by the London Missionary Society: The Case of Northern Rhodesia, 1883–1920 Jonathan Kangwa

‘Female Fathers’ and ‘Male Mothers’: Overlooked Non-binary Gender References in Southern Africa Kuzipa Nalwamba

Korean Women under the Impact of Imperialism Seon Yi Lee

Korean American Women and the Church: Identity, Spirituality, and Gender Roles Grace Ji-Sun Kim

7. Popular Beliefs: Global Voices

Missionary Women and Chinese Marriage Tamara Cooper

Revisionist Footbinding in China: Cultural Encounters between Women Missionaries and Chinese Women Wong Wai-Yin Christina

A Brief Her-story of Women in Christianity in Modern Taiwan (Nineteenth–Early Twentieth Century) Chiu Kai-Li

Minnie Mackay: Taiwan’s Hidden Treasure Louise Gamble

The Developing Role of Women Missionaries: A Case Study on Eleanor Pegg (née Sell; 1871–1954) Peggy Jackson and Janet Wootton, Based on Research by Eleanor’s Granddaughter, Peggy Jackson

8. Popular Images: Representations of Christian Women: Designs on Domesticity and Constructions amid Conflict Jill Peterfeso


Janet Wootton is a retired Congregational Minister and former Director of Studies for the Congregational Federation.