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I was happy to share my book Invisible on The Two Cities Podcast.

May is AAPI Heritage Month. Please do read some of my books.

Two Cities Podcast:

Two Cities podcast (@the_two_cities)! We’re joined by Dr. Grace Ji-Sun Kim (@gracejisunkim) to talk about the Invisibility of Asian American Women. Dr. Kim is Professor of Theology at Earlham School of Religion (@esrquaker) and the author of Invisible: Theology and Experience of Asian American Women (published by @augsburg_fortress). Over the course of our conversation, Dr. Kim explains that the concept of invisibility gets at the marginalization that Asian American women experience in relation to the white majority culture, on the one hand, and patriarchy on the other hand. Along the way Dr. Kim addresses damaging concepts such as white Christianity and the model minority myth, and promotes the possibility of creative reflection using Asian terms and concepts for the purpose of constructive theology.

Team Members on the episode from The Two Cities include: Jennifer Guo and Dr. Grace Sangalang Ng (@gsangala.ng).

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