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I wrote the Afterword to Rev. Dr. Graham Joseph Hill’s new book, Sunburnt Country, Sweeping Pains. Please order your copy today.

Description of the Book:

Asian immigration is transforming the Australian church and society. Migration from Asian countries occupies six of the ten largest groups migrating to Australia. While most Australian churches are declining and aging, Asian Australian churches are young and growing. The end of white Australian Christianity is near. The future of the church is Asian. Sunburnt Country, Sweeping Pains shares the stories of Asian Australian women as they experience inequality, racism, sexism, and stereotypes in ministry and mission. These women also talk about the joy and meaning they find in serving God’s church and world. In this book, Graham Joseph Hill examines 21,987 NCLS surveys, 36 detailed surveys, and 15 in-depth interviews with Asian Australian Christian women. These women share their stories of discrimination and efforts to bring change. They also offer proposals for a more equal, fair, and just Australian church. Sunburnt Country, Sweeping Pains is essential reading for all who value the voices and stories of women and want to address racism and sexism in church and society. Asian Australian Christian women guide us toward a multiethnic church that values equality and dignity for women and men of all cultures.


Dr. Graham Joseph Hill and I co-wrote Healing Our Broken Humanity (IVP).