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It was a joy to be on Spirituality and Health podcast to share about COP26 and my new book, Invisible.

Grace Ji-Sun Kim returns to the Spirituality & Health Podcast to discuss her new book Invisible and her experience at COP26 Summit.

Grace Ji-Sun Kim, Professor of Theology, author, S&H contributor, and the host of Madang podcast returns to the Spirituality & Health Podcast to discuss her new book Invisible and her experience at COP26 Summit.

Read Kim’s account of the COP26 expo: “COP26 Summit, Spirituality, and the Climate Crisis.”

Kim and Rami cover the links between spirituality and the climate crisis, introducing Korean terms and practices into spirituality, racism against Asian Americans, and much more.

“In our world today, people are migrating, we have people of different faiths living with us, working with us, but we are all interconnected. We need to love one another, take care of one another, watch out for one another because if we don’t we are going to end up destroying each other, and we are on the path of destruction of this planet—we only have this one planet to live.


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