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It was a joy to be On the Verge Podcast to talk about my spirituality and my books Healing Our Broken Humanity and Hope in Disarray.

Rev. Dr. Grace Ji-Sun Kim VERGE 2021 Preview

SEPTEMBER 27TH, 2021 | 26:43 | S2:E4


Energizing speaker, prolific writer, theologian, and host of the Madang podcast, Rev. Dr. Grace Ji-Sun Kim will be speaking at VERGE 2021 and challenging us to consider thinking of ministry as intercultural….during and after the pandemic!


Born in South Korea, raised and educated in Canada, and an ordained a pastor in the PCUSAGrace Ji-Sun Kim brings personal experience to the conversation of intercultural ministry.   She received her Ph.D. from the University Toronto and currently serves as professor of theology at Earlham School of Religion in Richmond, Indiana.  Grace shared her excitement that on the 20th anniversary of her Ph.D., her 20th book will be published!

While Grace has written 20 books, three were specifically mentioned in this episode:

Grace is the host of Madang podcast which is hosted by The Christian Century https://www.christiancentury.org/madang

VERGE 2021 – October 9, 2021.  Click for more information or to register

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I am so excited to speak at the Verge 2021 Conference on “Intercultural Ministry Following the Pandemic”.

Verge Conference will be virtual held by the Northwest Coast Presbytery.

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Think Again

This last year has been a cataclysm for the familiar way of doing church.

But the early Jesus movement–especially as recorded in the Book of Acts–thrived in a time of immense change and uncertainty. One could argue most of the New Testament is an explosion of new reflection among a religious community on how to “think again” about their faith: the core of what God has always called them to do, how to continue without the old temple model, how to enter a broader vision of God’s work with different people groups they’d always avoided.

Some of you are weary. Trying to prop up, or maintain, old models of what a Presbyterian church looked like for past generations, is not the call of Christ.

This VERGE in October, we are taking this moment in Northwest Coast Presbytery’s history seriously: how can we “think again” about who God in Christ has called us to be in our neighborhoods?

We have invited five speakers to guide us through the hard–and exciting–questions Christians are facing in America today. If there was ever a time to come to VERGE, and to bring as many of your congregants as you can, this Fall is it.

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Contact: Jenine Taylor

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