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I was excited to speak on my forthcoming book, Invisible on A World of Difference podcast hosted by Lori Adams-Brown.


Published by Lori Adams-Brown on September 15, 2021

A World of Difference

Change Makers EPS 53: Dr. Grace Ji-Sun Kim on Invisible, Asian-American Women, Intersectional Theology, Model Minority, Walking Targets, Racism in Canada, Sexism in the Church, Confucianism & Patriarchy.

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Dr. Grace Ji-Sun Kim received her Ph.D. from the University of Toronto and is Professor of Theology at Earlham School of Religion. She is the author or editor of 20 books, most recently, Hope in Disarray; Keeping Hope AliveReimagining Spirit and Intersectional Theology, and Healing Our Broken Humanity which she co-wrote with Dr. Graham J Hill.

Dr. Kim’s newest book Invisible is available for pre-order.

Kim is a Series Editor for Palgrave Macmillan Series, “Asian Christianity in the Diaspora” and has served on the American Academy of Religion’s Board of Directors. Kim writes for Baptist News GlobalSojournersFaith and Leadership and Wabash Center and has published in TIME, The Huffington Post, Christian Century, US Catholic Magazine and The Nation.

She is the host of madang podcast and is an ordained Presbyterian Church (USA) minister. More of her writing and work can be found on her blog site https://gracejisunkim.wordpress.com/

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A World of Difference

This podcast is a celebration of differences, and a space to discuss how in learning about our differences we discover how we all can benefit from simply listening to and learning from each other. Join us on a deep dive into conversations about how our differences can help us all make a world of difference. We discuss diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging as it relates to cultures around the globe, and how we can join together in synergy to make a difference that lasts and is sustainable.