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I was honored to be part of the Annual Rainbow PUSH Coalition‘s Conference. I spoke on Asian Hate on the International Session: Racism Across the Globe.

In many parts of the world, racism and race relations is going in the wrong direction—the global reaction to George Floyd’s murder turned into a flashpoint for this topic. This session will provide panelists the opportunity to share their thoughts as it relates to their respective environment/ city/ field /country/interest. They will also share their recommendations to address racism as they see fit.

Read Keeping Hope Alive: Sermons and Speeches of Rev. Jesse Jackson which I was honored to edit.



The experiences of Asian Americans who have immigrated to North America in search of a new life have been met with racism, discrimination and xenophobia.

This is also my story and I write about it in my forthcoming book, Invisible.

Please do pre-order Invisible today.


Fall 2021-Most Anticipated Books for Christian Readers!”

I am thrilled that my forthcoming book, Invisible is on Englewood Review of Books’ “Fall 2021-Most Anticipated Books for Christian Readers!” What an honor.

The second half of 2021 promises a ton of excellent new books! Here are 45 of our most anticipated books of Fall 2021 for Christian Readers…

These anticipated books of Fall 2021 (released in the second half of the year) wrestle with some of the deepest challenges of our day, and will guide us toward faithful living in the present and in years to come.


(In Alphabetical Order by Author’s Last Name)

God Will Be All in All: Theology Through the Lens of Incarnation
Anna Case-Winters

(WJK Books, October 2021)

Naming Neoliberalism: Exposing the Spirit of Our Age
Rodney Clapp

(Fortress Press, July 2021)

Invisible: Theology and the Experience of Asian American Women
Grace Ji-Sun Kim

(Fortress Press, November 2021)

The Forty Parables of Jesus
Gerhard Lohfink

(Liturgical Press, July 2021)

Bonhoeffer’s America: A Land without Reformation
Joel Looper

(Baylor UP, August 2021)

Green Mass: The Ecological Theology of St. Hildegard of Bingen
Michael Marder


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Ten Important Women Theologians To Start Reading

May 15, 2021 2:22 pm by C. Christopher Smith

Women Theologians

In honor of Women’s History Month, here is our recommended list of women theologians whose books you should be reading and discussing.

One of the great challenges of the theological academy in the twenty-first century is that it is still dominated by males. We have reviewed many recent books by these women theologians and will continue to read and review their work.

NOTE: We are defining theology broadly here, to include biblical studies, ethics, etc.


Ten Theology Books to Watch For – December 2020

December 9, 2020 1:47 pm by C. Christopher SmithViews: 2000

Theology Books December 2020

Here are some excellent new theology books * that will be released in December 2020 :

* broadly interpreted, including ethics, church history, biblical studies, and other areas that intersect with theology


Important Discipleship and Formation Books – A Reading Guide – Fall 2020 August 13, 2020 5:46 pm by C. Christopher Smith

Discipleship and Formation Books

It’s back-to-school time, and despite all the chaos this year imposed on us by the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s a good time to remember that as disciples of Jesus our schooling never ends.

We are always learning and being formed by our choices and by circumstances thrust upon us. Regardless of the circumstances in which we find ourselves, what are the practices that help keep us focused on the compassionate and just way of Jesus? These 40 recent books on discipleship and formation (published within the last three years or so) help us to wrestle with this question that lies at the heart of our Christian identity. Not all of these books will be relevant to every reader, but hopefully you will find one or two good books here to read or re-read as you (and the sisters and brothers of your church) press deeper in the coming year into the abundant life of Christ.


5 Essential Ebook Deals for Church Leaders – 23 April 2020

April 23, 2020 4:37 pm by C. Christopher Smith

Here are 5 essential April 2020 ebook deals that are worth checking out:
( Scott Russell Sanders, Grace Ji-Sun Kim, Fleming Rutledge, MORE)

Each week, we carefully curate a handful of books for church leaders that orient us toward the health and the flourishing of our congregations.


Twelve Important Theology Books of 2019!!!

December 5, 2019 4:42 pm by C. Christopher Smith

As the end of 2019 draws near, we highlight some of the most important theology books released this year…

Although some of these theology books will appear on our Advent calendar of 2019’s Best Books (and no, we won’t reveal here which ones will be on that list), we won’t say that these are the 12 BEST theology books — just that they are important ones that should be widely read and discussed… 

We present these books in alphabetical order by the author/editor’s last name….  


25 Theologians to Follow on Twitter!

January 31, 2019 6:22 pm by C. Christopher Smith

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are taking a fair bit of criticism these days, and much of it is warranted. But one of the more worthwhile uses I’ve found for Twitter is to follow theologians on Twitter and to engage in conversation with them.

Theology is a conversation, and these days the conversation isn’t just limited to books or the halls of the academy. Today, anyone with a Twitter account can engage online with some of the finest theologians of our day.

Here are some of our favorite theologians * to follow on Twitter:

They represent a broad range of perspectives, and you likely won’t agree with any of them all the time, but they all are worth listening to. (We’ve limited this list to living theologians who primarily tweet in English — Sorry, @LeonardoBoff — and who are relatively active on Twitter — Sorry, @ProfRah.)
We use the label “theologians” broadly here. All of the scholars featured below do theology in the broad sense of helping us understand God, the scriptural stories about God, and how we best live into the way of God. Not of them are theologians in the narrow academic sense, some are biblical scholars, some are ethicists, etc.


Vital Conversations – Podcast Roundup – July 19

July 19, 2018 4:07 pm by C. Christopher Smith

Five New Must-Listen Podcast Episodes!!!
Grace Ji-Sun Kim, John Philip Newell,
The World of Used Books, MORE

These podcasts can be downloaded from the iTunes store
or from the links below.