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I am so honored that Rep. Kuppa quoted me in in her Invocation. She read a section from my book, Hope in Disarray about hope being an anchor. What an honor and thrill for me. I am so grateful to her for all her work in Interfaith Dialogue.

Listen to her beautiful Invocation:

I met Rep. Padma Kuppa at APC annual conference where I was the keynote speaker. We were both on an interfaith panel during this beautiful conference organized in part by Rev. Dr. Bob Cornwall.

I am grateful to her for her ongoing work as a member of the Michigan House of Representatives from the 41st House District, which encompasses the cities of Troy and Clawson. With gratitude.

Below is a picture from APC conference on April 26, 2017 with panelists Imam Mohamed Al-Masmari, Pema Lisa AntoniottiPadma Kuppa Tadepalli, Joe Lewis, and Grace Ji-Sun Kim. Rev. Dr. Bob Cornwall is on the left and he put this important panel together.

I hope you get a chance to read my latest book, Hope in Disarray.

“In difficult times, we can only run on hope.”

With practicality and vulnerability, author and public theologian Grace Ji-Sun Kim reflects on the practice of sustaining hope during turbulence and injustice. Hope in Disarray is a collection of essays that invite a conversation on culture and faith, creation and identity, as the author appeals to readers to engage life’s troubles with the conviction of God’s goodness.

Hope in Disarray takes the world’s pain seriously in order to ignite our intentional, revolutionary, and integrated living.

Foreword by Mitri Raheb. Afterword by Elizabeth Hinson-Hasty.

You can watch the book launch of Hope in Disarray which occurred at Earlham School of Religion via zoom.