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Happy Earth Day.

I am so happy to see an excerpt from my latest book, Hope in Disarray in Tearfund Magazine.

In Partnership

Across the globe, we work in partnership with locally-based Christian agencies who understand the needs of their communities, and are in the best position to develop responses that are relevant and sustainable.


We support grassroots initiatives where community members, especially those most impacted by poverty and marginalisation, participate at every level of implementation.


We tackle the root causes of poverty and injustice, recognising that needs are complex and interrelated.

With Courage

We intentionally prioritise projects in some of the most challenging contexts around the world because we are called to be where the need is greatest.

With Faith

We approach our partnerships with a biblical understanding: one of shared faith, deep value and mutual respect.

Below is the excerpt from my book, Hope in Disarray on Climate Justice.