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Easter is a special holy day for the church.

We recognize the pain of Good Friday’s crucifixion and then see the glory of Resurrection Sunday. The resurrection provides hope for all of us as many of us live in despair, pain, suffering and marginalization.

Easter gives us hope. Christ is Risen!

We need to receive God’s grace and then extend that grace to others. This is the good news of the Easter story. This is the good news that the women at the tomb went out to share. This is the good news that we need to share today.

We believe and then we see!

Believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Happy Easter. Share the good news. Give hope to others and extend grace to friends.

I edited Keeping Hope Alive: Sermons and Speeches of Rev. Jesse Jackson. The first sermon in the book is on Easter. Read the sermon, read the book.

I am on the second hour of Keep Hope Alive Radio Show with Rev. Jesse Jackson on the meaning of Easter.