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I am looking forward to being on a book panel a Christ Among the Disciplines Conference.

I will be reflecting on Joerg Rieger’s book Christ Vs. Ceasar.


1. Craig Keen
2. Tripp Fuller
3. Grace Ji-Sun Kim
4. Xi Lian (invited)

Respondent: Joerg Rieger

The entire conference looks to be interesting. Please register and join the exciting book panels.


As many of you will have heard by now, AAR/SBL will no longer be convening in Boston this upcoming November. This is sad news for many, as the gathering is a time to reconnect with a number of friends and former colleagues, not to mention help up-and-coming scholars network with the leading experts in their field. Nevertheless, this was a wise decision made in consultation with the advice of leading medical specialists, and it is necessary to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

That being said, we will be hosting an online, interdisciplinary conference on the subject of Christology during this window of time. At this stage, we are planning book panels on recent publications in Christology from biblical scholars, theologians, and philosophers. Each book panel will be composed of an interdisciplinary selection of 3-4 world-leading scholars, ideally followed by a response from the author. The conference will also exemplify the best of the academy, with racial, gender, and religious diversity.

This conference will also be unique in that the papers for the book panels will be distributed to conference attendees weeks in advance of the live event. Indeed, upon reading the papers, conference attendees will be asked to pre-submit questions for the panelists using a secure link. Additionally, rather than per usual (listening to 4–5 papers straight through), conference participants will instead get to experience a discussion amongst panelists who will summarize, rather than read, their respective essays. This will not only help avoid fatigue that arises from online video conferencing, but it will also make for a much more interesting event!

Unlike the hefty fee to participate in the online version of AAR/SBL, however, we are tentatively planning on a modest entrance fee at a fraction of the cost for participants. Bearing that in mind, if you are interested in attending and participating in the “Christ Among the Disciplines” conference, make sure to express interest today!

Note: All proceeds will be directed toward transitioning this conference into an annual venture!

Early Career Conference Co-Chairs

The following individuals will be in charge of introducing the various speakers at the conference:


Hannah James


Shane O’Leary


Preston Hill

The book panels and Q&A will be moderated by Mitchell Mallary.

Looking to the Future:
Our Steering Committee

As we look to the future, plans are underway to make this interdisciplinary conference an annual venture. Consequently, a steering committee has been created in order to help transition this conference into a yearly event. Meet our steering committee:


Dr. Andrea White


Dr. Rubén Rosario Rodriguez


Dr. Amy Peeler