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Movement Prayers is a wonderful site full of prayers for the movement. I recently wrote one on Gender Justice. Read and use all the prayers in this wonderful site. This site is created and managed by David F. Potter.

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Today August26 is #WomensEqualityDay2020 which commemorates the passage of the 19th Amendment granting the right to vote to women. The amendment was first introduced in 1878.Let us continue to pray for Gender Justice.

For Courage While Confronting Gender Injustice

Gracious God, we pray for courage.

We feel so small in the face of injustice.

All around us we see and endure the destruction of the earth and human lives

through racial injustice, climate injustice, and gender injustice.

We pray for those most vulnerable to this suffering.

We pray for women.

We pray for the women who have been pushed aside, silenced and made secondary.

We pray for the women of the Church who have been subordinated and oppressed, even while nourishing its foundation and people.

We pray for the Church which has participated and strengthened gender injustice throughout much of history, while women have been exploited, abused, mutilated, raped and destroyed.

We pray for all the women’s lives cut short and forgotten.

We pray in remembrance to their lives and spirits.

Yet, despite such suffering and death, we remember that women are the bearers of life.

Women are the rearers of humanity.

In the midst of gender injustice, we feel that we are not enough:

that there is no action we could take to right these wrongs;

that there is no word we could speak to change the course.

Yet, we are reminded of our unbounded promise through the miracle of our lives.

We are reminded of the unbounded courage when the Spirit enters our lives.

We ask for your Spirit to come into our lives:

That the Spirit may embrace us with love, grace and courage,

so that we might continue to walk the faithful journey,

love one another, and live into your light

as we act and speak against gender injustice.

We pray for your Spirit to fill us with courage.


Credit: Rev. Dr. Grace Ji-Sun Kim

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