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I am honored to be giving a talk on “Climate Justice: Why Should We Care?” at First Presbyterian Church of Ann Arbor on April 26, 2020.

It was supposed to be a live in person talk, but due to the pandemic, I will be doing it via Zoom. The presentation will be available later for the public.

“Climate Justice: Why Should We Care?”

It is always great when churches are concerned about climate justice. First Presbyterian Church is doing a whole series. You can view them all.

My talk will be on why climate justice is important and how we can reimagine theology which works towards climate justice. Indigenous groups, poor, women are the most affected by climate change and therefore we must care for the earth in order to protect the most vulnerable. I will draw from my two edited books Planetary Solidarity and Making Peace with the Earth.

I will end with the question of what can we do as individuals and churches to protect the earth. Join me.

Watch my Full Talk Here:



Living with Hope in an Age of Climate Change

April 19: Introduction to the Series: Susan Whitlock

April 26: Climate Justice: Why Should We Care?: Grace Ji-Sun Kim

May 3: We Can’t Get Around It: So How Do We Get Around?

A focus on transportation, including a play-at-home “scavenger hunt” to learn about Ann Arbor’s public transportation system by exploring its web site.

May 10: Stories for Mother Earth

A local African American storyteller, La’Ron Williams, will record stories for Mother Earth on Mother’s Day.

May 17: Little Seeds, Big Change

Someone from our Youth and Family Ministries will lead a planting activity and share information about food and fossil fuels.

May 24: Intergenerational Forum

We hope to have panels of young people and young adults (by Zoom of course) about what this crisis looks/feels like to them.

May 31: Jim Antal, author of Climate Church, Climate World will present.

Below are some interviews and articles I have written on climate justice.

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