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I am excited to be on a free webinar on International Women’s Day March 7, 2020. It is hosted by Rev. Lekesha Barnett and I will be on from 7-730p.m. Please do join me.

Others on it are Dr. Edith Prakash, Dr. Susan Cook, Dr. Liz Rios, Dr. TaNikka Campbell & Rev. Chelir Mule.

International Women’s Day

I will be discussing why it is important to raise the voices of Christian women in leadership on International Women’s Day.

I will also share some of the primary concerns of women from my ethnic group in the last decade?  And also what I believe will be the contribution of Asian American women in the new decade?

I will close with what is my primary focus as a Christian woman in leadership?

And also how I would like to see women advance in the new decade?

In addition, i will talk about in what ways my culture shape and prepare me for leadership and cross-cultural influence?

Please read some of my books and join me.


Here is the Webinar Video. I am on the first 30 mins. Enjoy