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It was an honor to be a keynote speaker at the Ecclesia of Women in Asia Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I spoke on “Intersectionality of Migration in Asia” based on my co-written book Intersectional Theology co-written with Susan Shaw.

Intersectionality of Migration in Asia

We live in a globalized world where migration, immigration, and refugee status is on the steepest incline yet. The world is getting smaller and more intimate with one another therefore, we need to reimagine theology which takes into consideration the complexities of migration while also taking into consideration one’s identity, location, class, race, gender and ableism.

One helpful tool to reimagine theology is to use intersectionality. Intersectionality recognizes that people experience multiple intersecting systems of oppression and domination simultaneously. Rather than applying “single-axis” thinking, intersectional analysis relies on “both/and,” an analytical lens that allows for the complexities and contradictions of holding positions of dominance and subordination at the same time and having those concurrent locations mold and fashion and thought.

Intersectionality is a helpful to help us understand our present context, personal identities, and socio-cultural circumstances while examining the complexities of immigration. The nuances of identities, location, institutions, class, race, gender, (or even disability)” can affect (or has affected) the way we engage, address, and respond to the issue of migration as women, theologians, academicians, pastors, and a Church. This paper will present intersectionality as well as how intersectionality can be used as a lens for migration and the lived experiences of migrants to assist us in seeing what we could have missed in engaging this important issue of our time.

I am learning so much from my Catholic Asian women theologians. We need to stand in solidarity with each other, support, encourage and work together. What a privilege to meet all of these fantastic Asian women theologians.

For more information on this conference, “Ecclesia of Women”, please visit their website.

Dr. Agnes M. Brazal wrote a nice follow up to the Ecclesia of Women Conference called “Where is Home?: Displacements and Disqualifications”.

Dr. Sharon Bong’s reflection on the conference is found on the Monash University website. Her piece is called, “Asian feminist theologising on displacement and disqualification”.

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