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44359874_1577510247479778_r.jpegIn the beginning of the new year I will be embarking on an internship to Mumbai, India to aid families with low-resource/income settings through healthcare education delivered by growing mobile technology and digital literacy. I will be travelling with Saathealth, a health technology start-up aiming to provide digital tools to empower India’s next generation of future parents—our youth—with the right health, nutrition, and early childhood products and services.

I have always aspired towards creating meaningful change in the healthcare and welfare of disenfranchised communities. Mumbai is India’s economic capital and most populous city, boasting a total population of 12.44 million — 42% of whom live in slums.

As a senior at Johns Hopkins University studying biomedical engineering and applied mathematics, this un-paid internship is a dream opportunity I seek support in. I am passionate about this chance to better the lives of a significant growing youth population that is underprivileged but budding with remarkable promise. I have confidence I will contribute positive change with my education and background that intersects technology, business and design as a physician-innovator to ensure the next generations of Mumbai’s children will have a  better future.

During my internship I will:

Venture on visits to the slum communities where Saathealth originated to talk to families and understand their health barriers;
Visit health clinics and speak with clinicians to understand the healthcare system in India;
Build business cases to leverage the Saathealth technology in markets outside of India, expand their nutrition efforts, and incorporate new AI technology to better drive behavior change; and
Volunteer at local health clinics and hospitals outside of business hours

January 2020 – February 2020

Flight: $1300
Room and Board: $1500
Transportation: $100
Misc. (Vaccines, Visa, etc.): $50
Total: $2950

About the Organization

Saathealth is building healthier childhoods by creating a digital ecosystem to meet the needs of young, under-served families. Our mobile-led experiences integrate with the local ecosystem to serve the holistic health, education and livelihood needs of our users. We believe that every family should be empowered with the knowledge and resources to secure a healthy future for their children.


Any proceeds above the amount fundraised will be donated to the local health clinics.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a global impact by helping others, immerse myself in a new culture and healthcare system, and, most importantly, learn along the way. I appreciate your time and generosity.

-Theodore Lee