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So excited to respond to a critique of our book IntersectionalTheology co-written with Susan Shaw at the women’s caucus panel at #AAR2019. 

A23-238: Books under Discussion

  • Women’s Caucus
Theme:  Emerging Scholars: Redefining Fields- Considering New Resources
Alicia Panganiban, Mayo Clinic, Presiding
Theresa A. Yugar, California State University, Los Angeles, Presiding
Saturday – 1:00 PM-3:00 PM
Convention Center-14A (Mezzanine Level)

The disciplinary histories of religious and theological studies have been shaped by patriarchy, White supremacy, and colonialism in ways that are being challenged in new introductions to both fields: Grace Ji-Sun Kim and Susan Shaw’s Intersectional Theology: An Introductory Guide and Sarah Bloesch and Meredith Minister’s Cultural Approaches to Studying Religion: An Introduction to Theories and Methods.

Both texts seek to redefine their respective fields by reimagining foundational patterns of teaching and interventions in theology and religion courses. This roundtable explores these interventions creating a path toward better introductions to both fields, cooperation between the disciplines, and reducing the need to draw sharp lines to protect hegemonic ways of knowing.


Alejandro Escalante, University of North Carolina

Unregistered Participant

Sheryl Johnson, Graduate Theological Union

geoff seymour, University of Ottawa



Sarah Bloesch, Elon University

Grace Ji-Sun Kim, Earlham School of Religion

Meredith Minister, Shenandoah University

Susan M. Shaw, Oregon State University