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i was excited to speak about “Human Rights and Peace in the Korean Peninsula” at the Rainbow PUSH Annual Convention. I spoke at the “Global Peace, Human Rights & Democracy Forum” with other activists, politicians and professors. It was a lively panel with excellent discussion and Q & A.

Human Rights and Peace in the Korean Peninsula

There are plenty of human rights violations in North Korea. Presently, there is no freedom of movement. People cannot enter or leave the country as they wish. So they are constrained and limited in their movements. There is also no freedom of speech or religion.  There is constant shortage of food and medical assistance and care. These are basic human rights that are not afforded the people in North Korea.

There are also political camps which are severe and very harsh. There are also collective punishment which means that generations of one family will be punished for a crime. This is to help deter people from committing crimes, especially against the state. There are also public executions which are used to frighten citizens and deter any crimes against the state.

We need to fight for human rights in North Korea and also work for peace in the Korean Peninsula.






Honored at the Clergy Luncheon

I was honored to receive a Service Award at the Clergy Luncheon.  It was even more exciting to receive it with Dr. Iva Carruthers whom I admire so much! I was happy that my 2 sons were there to celebrate it with me. My oldest son is working again at BlueCross BlueShield in Chicago. I am so proud of him.