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The World Council of Churches‘ working group on climate change had a significant meeting in Taiwan at Yushan Theological College and Seminary.

It was the first time that we joined our meeting with the Indigenous People’s Reference Group and it was a wonderful intersection of thoughts, ideas and work.

The World Council of Churches’ working group on climate change: Taiwan

Many thanks to PCT Ecumenical News and Rev. Liân Chín-Siông for making this meeting possible.

We held official meetings June 25-27, 2019 at Yushan Theological College and Seminary in Hualian City, Taiwan.

The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT) welcomed our groups with warmth and overwhelming hospitality. The PCT welcomes the ecumenical movement of WCC and partnered with us during our meeting.

The WCC gifted President of Yushan Seminary, Dr. Bushin Tali with a copy of #MakingPeacewithTheEarth. I edited the book and most of the contributors are part of this WCC working group on Climate Change. You can still get a copy here.



The WCC Climate Change Working Group visited the tribe right beneath the digging of their traditional territory by a huge enterprise called the Asian Cement company.

This was a mini pilgrimage of justice and peace in solidarity with the suffering of indigenous people under the name of economic development. The Indigenous leaders shared their heartbreaking fight for climate justice against cooperations.

The tour was led by pastor of Chi-Ong Memorial Church, Rev. Kowsang, in memory of the first indigenous believer of the PCT.

We then visited the first Indigenous Church in Taiwan and went into the cave where the Indigenous People’s hid and prayed during Japanese colonialism.





We then had a feast in an Indigenous restaurant! #WCC #climatechange #sustainability.

This was a wonderful meeting as we worked on many items and future events such as COP and WCC General Assembly.


It was also special for me as I was able to take my daughter Elisabeth Sophia Lee with me to the meeting. She has done alot of work on sustainability and climate justice during her high school.