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I was honored to speak on Healing Our Broken Humanity co-written with Graham Hill at Morling College in Sydney Australia.

After my talk, Dr. Darrell Jackson from Morling College led a lively discussion with Graham Hill and I.

With Dr. Darrell Jackson

Healing our Broken Humanity – Public Lecture

We live in conflicted times. Our newsfeeds are filled with inequality, division, and fear. We want to make a difference and see justice restored because Jesus calls us to be a peacemaking and reconciling people. But how do we do this?

Based on their work with diverse churches, colleges, and other organizations, Grace Ji-Sun Kim and Graham Hill will speak about Christian practices that can bring healing and hope to a broken world. They provide ten ways to transform society, from lament and repentance to relinquishing power, reinforcing agency, and more. Embodying these practices enables us to be the new humanity in Jesus Christ, so the church and world can experience reconciliation, justice, unity, peace, and love. Discover how to bring real change and hope to a broken, divided, and dehumanized world.

Grace Ji-Sun Kim and Graham Hill will also launch their new book, “Healing Our Broken Humanity on the night! (Winner of the 16th Annual Outreach Magazine Resource of the Year – Culture)

With Liam Miller


Grace Ji-Sun Kim received her M.Div. from Knox College (University of Toronto) and her Ph.D. from the University of Toronto. She is an Associate Professor of Theology at Earlham School of Religion. She is the author or editor of 16 books, including her latest, “Healing Our Broken Humanity”, co-written with Graham Hill. Grace was a member of the Board of Directors for the American Academy of Religion, and served on the American Academy of Religion’s (AAR) “Research Grants Jury Committee.” She is a co-editor of the book series “Asian Christianity in the Diaspora.” Grace is also an Advisory Board Member for the Center for Reconciliation at Duke Divinity School.

This is Grace’s first time with us in Australia!

Lecture Information

LOCATION: Morling College – 122 Herring Road, Macquarie Park NSW 2113; Entrance via Saunders Close

PRESENTER: Grace Ji-Sun Kim

DATE: 18-06-2019

TIME: 7-845PM


Healing our Broken Humanity will be available for sale on the night, or from our website