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I am so proud of my youngest son who will now join my husband in tutoring math at The Math Tutor (TMT).

If you need extra help with your homework or help in writing AP, SAT, ACT and other exams, contact The Math Tutor (TMT).

They can do private, group or online tutoring to meet your needs.

ABOUT The Math Tutor (TMT)

The Math Tutor is comprised of a father-son team.

Dr. Perry Y.C Lee is currently a tenured faculty member who has taught mathematics for over fourteen years at Kutztown University. TMT has tutored students one-on-one for over ten years. Dr. Lee also has ten years of industrial experience in the area of environmental, thermal, and nuclear engineering.

As a parent raising three children, Dr. Lee understands that parents want their child to be successful in what he/she does. His eldest son is in college and the other two are in high school. As an educator with industrial experience, understanding mathematics is key to being successful in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) areas. In this technology driven world, mathematics has played a pivotal and a necessary role, and understanding mathematics is paramount in developing skills to communicate ideas in STEM. Understanding and thus mastering content in the sciences will provide the much needed confidence and an excellent platform in which a successful professional career can be achieved.

Joshua B. Lee is a sophomore in high school. In his sophomore class, he is the class president, and a captain of his high school Junior Varsity Soccer team. He has been part of a local traveling soccer team for the past eight years. Joshua has his Emergency Medical Response (EMR) certificate, and he hopes to help those in the community. He has been part of TMT since middle-school tutoring elementary and middle school students. Joshua enjoys connecting with his students, and wants each of the students to do well and succeed.

TMT will help children, youth, and interested adults to achieve confidence through mathematics. Let TMT show you how.

How Can TMT Help You?

TMT can tutor Middle School, High School, and College Level mathematics courses to students. Also, TMT can tutor interested adults who want remediation.

To obtain immediate feedback and gain that confidence each one of you deserve, one-on-one tutoring (either face-to-face or online via skype or google hangout or equivalent) is preferred, but equally, small group settings can be arranged.


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  • Proudly serving the communities within and surrounding the Lehigh Valley, PA.

My son, Joshua Benjamin Lee’s new book edited by my husband, Dr. Perry Y.C. Lee.

It’s a great book for young children to older teens.