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I endorsed a new book, The Space Between: Spiritual Activism in an Age of Fear (Guides to Practical Ministry) written by Matthew Braddock.

An excellent book on spirituality and religious progressivism which calls us to social action.

Book Description

Should your faith and your spirituality be a matter of simply private concern, or should they connect to social action?

This book explores the disconnect between social and religious progressivism. The author maintains that both social and religious notes are essential for those who want to further a progressive agenda that creates equity and compassion, restores the dignity of all people, and ensures the full participation of all in common life, common wealth, and the common good.

The Space Between builds bridges across the space between these elements, both between social and religious belief, but also between contemplative action and active contemplation. This book is an vigorous and unashamed call for social action, but specifically a social action that grows from contemplation, but also for the balance and strength that comes from resting and waiting.

Learn more on the author’s web site, Spiritual Activism Life. 



“Matt Braddock is the real deal — deeply rooted in Christian faith, deeply engaged in the world …” Anthony B. Robinson, author of Transforming Congregational Culture

” … a book I will carry in my back pocket to fuel me for the journey ahead.” Rev. Jen Butler, CEO, Faith in Public Life

“… a much-needed reminder of the need to re-center ourselves … Braddock offers practices for expanding our moral imagination, building authentic community and responding to the pain of the world with an open heart and an open spirit.” Sandy Sorensen, Director, Washington Office, United Church of Christ Justice and Witness Ministries

The Space Between will help you construct a reflective search for the loving justice of a living God.”  Grace Ji-Sun Kim, Associate Professor of Theology at Earlham School of Religion

… offers a powerful path forward on how we can be effective spiritual activists with left-leaning values, progressive views, and righteous expectations for a just world …”  Rev. Dr. Carolyn Boyd-Clark, Chair, Committee on Global Actions / Concerns, National Board Of Directors, Church Women United, New York, NY

“… both inspiring and motivating … a superb resource both for individual reflection and for congregational study groups.”  David Smock, Ph.D., M.Div., retired as Vice President and Director of the Religion and Peacebuilding Program at the U.S. Institute of Peace