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Grace Ji-Sun Kim is Associate Professor of Theology at Earlham School of Religion and author of 15 books and an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA). Her family found community in church after emigrating to Canada where she began to have some of her deep questions answered. Grace’s questions eventually led her to study theology which was not an easy field to pursue for a woman but her calling was clear. She wrote Healing Our Broken Humanity with Graham Hill as an exploration of the practices it takes to embed the Gospel in our communities to allow us to love with Christlikeness.

Please listen and share Grace’s story!

Stories Grace shared:

  • Immigrating to Canada from Korea and finding community in church
  • The youth pastor that embraced her questions about the faith
  • Dealing with racism in society and sexism in the church
  • The struggle to figure out her calling in theology
  • How she overcame being a woman in a man’s field
  • Feeling God was not with her during college and the peace that resulted
  • Why she wrote Healing Our Broken Humanity with Graham Hill
  • Why we should call brokenness sin
  • Lament as a spiritual practice
  • Why relinquishing power is a needed spiritual exercise
  • How we can empower others

Great quotes from Grace:

I had all these unleft questions that I wanted to tackle. Who is God? How do we experience God in this world?

I don’t think these male pastors, even till this day 20-something years later understand how sexist those comments were and how hurtful.

If God loves all people, whatever ethnicity and culture that we’re born into, God must love both men and women equally.

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