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It was a joy to be on Spirituality for Ordinary People Podcast to discuss my book, Healing Our Broken Humanity co-written with Dr. Graham Hill. 

I was interviewed by Rev. Matthew Brough who is an ordained minister and author of several books. Check them out.

My book, Healing our Broken Humanity can be pre-ordered now.

Grace Ji-Sun Kim | Healing Our Broken Humanity


“Fearing one another, hating one another, not welcoming one another… We have to somehow overcome and see what Christ has done when Jesus walked on earth. He didn’t build walls, he broke them down…”—Grace Ji-Sun Kim

Episode 59 of Spirituality for Ordinary People features an interview with Dr. Grace Ji-Sun Kim. Grace is Associate Professor of Theology at Earlham School of Religion and is the author of over 15 books. Her latest include…  Healing Our Broken Humanity, co-written with Graham Hill, The Homebrewed Christianity Guide to the Holy Spirit.

Key Learnings

Community, society, family is so important when looking at our brokenness, sin, and need for repentance and change.

The initial steps toward healing a broken humanity are for local communities of faith, to begin with being convicted of, acknowledging, and lamenting our own sin and our participation in sin.

There are four stages to repentance (it is a process!): conviction, contrition, commitment, and change.

Things to Think About

What community are you a part of? How can your community better reflect the new humanity in Christ?

Spiritual Practices Discussed in this Episode

Communal lament.

Repentance as a practice

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