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I look forward to teaching a mini-course, “Planetary Solidarity” at The 194th session of the General Convention of the New Jerusalem (The Swedenborgian Church).

The Theme for this year is “Do you Know the Way?”

Course Description

Climate change affects everyone. Yet, because women make up the majority of the world’s poor and tend to be more dependent on natural resources for their livelihoods and survival, they are at a higher risk. The book Planetary Solidarity co-edited with Dr. Hilda Koster (Minneapolis: Fortress Press 2017) brings together leading Latina, womanist, Asian, Asian American, South American, European, and African theologians on the issues of doctrine, women, and climate justice. A focus on women is warranted because theological and ecclesial documents too often do not spell out the ways climate change affects poor and indigenous women around the globe. This mini-course will examine the problem of climate change and how as the body of Christ we all need to engage in saving and preserving creation.

The 194th session of the

General Convention of the New Jerusalem

(The Swedenborgian Church)

July 1-5, 2018, San Jose, CA.


  • “Maurice Nicoll’s Clever Use of Swedenborg” with Jeffrey Adams
  • “What’s the Use of the Swedenborgian Church?” with Rev. Thom Muller
  • “Swedenborg and New Discoveries in Cosmology” with Rev. Dr. Rachel Rivers
  • “Planetary Solidarity” with Rev. Dr. Grace Ji-Sun Kim
  • “Exploring Swedenborg’s Life and Times in Sweden” with Dr. Devin Zuber and Colin Amato

(Previews for the following mini-courses appeared in the February Messenger.)

  • “Swedenborg and Bay-Area Environmentalism” with Dr. Devin Zuber
  • “Proprium and Freedom” with Rev. Robert McCluskey
  • “Blake and Swedenborg” with Rev. Dr. David Fekete
  • “Best Practices in Our Churches and Ministries” with Rev. Dr. Jim Lawrence
  • “The Old and New Jerusalems” with Dr. Rebecca Esterson
  • “Swedenborg as Spiritual Duct Tape: A look into the diverse and potent ways Swedenborg’s ideas affect people online” with Curtis Childs
  • “Five Stages of Creativity and Five Stages of Regeneration: a Comparison” with Wendy Soneson
  • “Spirituality, Sustainability, and Food Justice: Lessons from the Garden Church” with Rev. Jonathan Mitchell