I was honored to attend and participate at the 13th Doha Conference on Interfaith Dialogue. This was my third time at the DCID conference and my fourth visit to Qatar.

It is always a joy to meet people from around the world who are engaged in interfaith dialogue and working for peace.

My presentation discussed the problem of modern sex trafficking and how women around the world are suffering from patriarchy and being treated as the Other. During the Japanese occupation of Korea from 1910-1945, the Imperial Japanese Army kidnapped young girls and teens or offered them false promises of work and made them into Comfort Women for the sexual gratification of Japanese soldiers. There were over 200 000 Korean Comfort Women serving the Japanese Army. Many of these women committed suicide, many were killed and the few survivors were unable to go back to their families after liberation. They lived in shame and without compensation from the Japanese government.

Having dinner with Drs. Joachim Bergstrom, Ivo Josipovic (past President of Croatia), Ibrahim Saleh Al-Naimi, & Clifton Clarke. Nice to meet professors, Ambassadors etc., who are engaged with #interfaith #dialogue

As we reflect on women’s rights violations, we need to recognize that women’s rights need to be valued, upheld and demanded. We cannot allow such atrocities against women be repeated.

I also wrote an article, “Redeeming Women: Subordination, Sex Trafficking and Women’s Rights,” Religions (Spring 2018) ): 34-43.