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Monday Jan 29, 2018, I organized a gathering of Korean pastors and lay leaders in the New York area to meet with Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., to discuss how we can move towards peace on the Korean Peninsula.

We have a lively discussion and meeting of how to connect with other existing organizations and how to move forward.

Here is a write up of the gathering in the Korea Daily News:

This meeting is a result of a conference call held in August of religious leaders, lawyers and activists who are involved in peacemaking in the Korean peninsula.

After that initial conference call, Rev. Jackson and I cowrote this Huffington Post, “Peace and Reconciliation on the Korean Peninsula.”



On Tuesday Jan 30, 2018, we met with the South Korean Ambassador Cho Tae Yul at the Korean Mission to the United Nations to discuss how we can all participate in bringing peace to the Korean peninsula.

We are continuing to move forward to help bring peace and reunification to the Korean peninsula.

Here is the write up in the Korea Daily Newspaper.