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“The Sisterhood of Presbyterian Korean-American Clergywomen” by Grace Ji-Sun Kim & Mihee Kim-Kort is published in The Presbyterian Outlook, July 10, 2017, p. 18-21. 

The July issue has many other interesting articles about Korean Presbyterians. Please log in online to read them all or get a print copy of The Presbyterian Outlook.

Last year the Korean American Presbyterian Clergywoman (KAPCW) celebrated our 25th anniversary. We also launched our book, Here I Am at our 25th anniversary conference held at Princeton Theological Seminary.

Here I Am is a wonderful collection of theology reflections, narratives and sermons. Please do get a copy to get a deeper understanding of some of the issues that Korean American clergy go through. Some of the issues covered are sexism, racism, vocation, identity and ministry.

“Here I Am” book launch at Princeton Theological Seminary, 2016

Below is just a short excerpt of the longer cowritten article, “The Sisterhood of Presbyterian Korean-American Clergywomen” co-written with Rev. Mihee Kim-Kort.

“The Sisterhood of Presbyterian Korean-American Clergywomen”

The first time Mihee Kim-Kort witnessed a female Korean-American pastor preach in the pulpit was in 2008. It was Grace Ji-Sun Kim. They were participating in an ecumenical gathering. Kim-Kort had graduated from seminary and been ordained three years earlier. She was serving as an associate pastor at a predominantly white, mid-size church in Easton, Pennsylvania.

Though in the last decade the presence of Korean-American clergywomen in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has increased, our stories are still relatively unknown to the wider church.

Korean-American pastors at the 2011 KAPCW conference. (Photo credit: Dwight Morita)

Korean-American Presbyterian Clergywoman (KAPCW) has a 26-year history in the PC(USA).

  • For the rest of the article, please get a copy of the magazine or visit online. To learn more about Korean American Clergywomen, please read, Here I Am.