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“Making Alliances, Breaking Taboos, Transforming Religions”

A Feminist Studies in Religion Visioning Conference

June 18 – 21, 2017

Drew University, Madison, NJ

Making Alliances, Breaking Taboos, Transforming Religions is a conference that aims to build on the longstanding work of feminist studies in religion around the globe by facilitating alliances and sharing, developing, and nourishing the work already taking place.

The conference will be international in scope and is intended to bring together a broad range of scholars, emerging and established, representing various religious traditions and a wide-range of fields, expertise, and areas of study. Participants will actively and collaboratively take on challenging questions and issues in order to continue building on and advancing the work of feminist studies in religion and its concern for justice and social change. This work is even more important in light of recent international trends of increasing misogyny, religious fundamentalism, right wing populism and ethnocentric nationalism.

The conference content will be organized around the three overarching themes in the title: Making Alliances, Breaking Taboos, Transforming Religions.

These themes will be explored in panel discussions, plenary group discussions and small group conversations in which participants will have the opportunity to reflect on the conference themes through the lens of their own work. Participants will also have the opportunity to organize interest groups that focus on practical strategies for change.


I will co-lead with Kate Ott & Michal Raucher a workshop at the conference

The first workshop will introduce EFSR and all the aspects of the web and social media that people can engage in. The workshop will present the work of EFSR and invite participants to participate in blogging and other works of EFSR.

The second workshop will be more focused on topics from the conference that might become future @theTable for EFSR.  This workshop will invite people to become participants for @theTable and other future blogging. We will introduce and provide tips on how to blog and write for the public.

If you would like to help sponsor international and emerging scholars who otherwise might not be able to attend, please click on the grey-green Scholarship/Donation button immediately below this paragraph, which will allow you generously to provide financial support for the conference.


Registration includes Conference sessions and three dinners; other meals  will be on your own. The conference will provide a list of on-campus and nearby dining options upon arrival. Transportation, travel, and off-campus lodging are not provided by the Conference and all such arrangements must be made by you.