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downloadWomen of Color Scholarship, Teaching, and Activism Unit

AAR paper proposals are due today at 5 PM EST.

Statement of Purpose: 

This Unit fosters intellectual exchange in the fields of religious studies and theology as they are developing in diverse communities of color from a gendered analysis. While the AAR features Program Units from diverse communities of color, we provide a space for conversation between communities of color. This Unit does not assume a prior “women of color” identity, but centers a woman of color analytic that deconstructs the intersecting logics of gender and race. At the same time, we do not hold to a “post-identity” framework and are also concerned with the status of women of color in the academy, the politics of pedagogy, and the relationship between women-of-color-centered activism and scholarship. Understanding identity as performative and shifting, we make the very category of “women of color” itself a site for political and intellectual engagement.

Call for Papers:

As women of color scholars and activists we are interested in proposals concerned with the everyday lives of women of color, especially in light of the Trump presidency. We are seeking proposals on: women of Color and the Women’s March on Washington (2017); the Anniversary of Roe v. Wade – women of color and reproductive justice; women of Color and Islamophobia; women of color graduate student activism and strategic alliances between women of color; and women of color feminisms

Proposals are anonymous to chairs and steering committee members until after final acceptance/rejection
We want to continue to review and accept the proposals anonymously as it provides an unbiased selection process.


Steering Committee