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51clwoifdtl-_sx329_bo1204203200_I contributed to a new book, Engage: A Theological Field Education Toolkit, edited by Matthew Floding (Rowman & Littlefield, 2017).

My chapter is called “Engaging Race”, p. 117-122. It was an honor to write in this new exciting and important book by Matthew Floding.

Book Description:

Theological field education, in which a ministry student steps out of the classroom and begins practicing with the supervision of a mentor, is a critical part of accredited ministry programs. Engage equips both students and their supervisor-mentors to engage in this important opportunity with energy and imagination, and it prepares students for the challenging work of integrating theory into real-world practice.

Engage provides coaching from recognized experts in the arts of ministry: preaching, administration, evangelism, pastoral care, public ministry, leadership, faith formation, liturgical arts and more. Other chapters address themes such as race, gender, and ministry across faith traditions (or no faith tradition). The book addresses field education in a range of contexts—from churches to non-profits.

Engage offers a valuable resource for students making the most of their transition from the classroom into real world ministry with all its joys and many challenges.



Once again, Floding shows us why he is a national expert in the area of theological field education. He has assembled an all-star cast of authors across denominational lines to equip both those preparing for ministry and those shepherding future ministers. Theological field education takes the classroom and integrates it into the real world of ministry, making education truly come alive. Engage: A Theological Field Education Toolkit is one of the most well-rounded, complete resources I have seen for ministry preparation. (George M. Hillman, Jr., Dallas Theological Seminary)

Research has shown that the lecture is out, and hands-on experiential learning is in. This fantastic book not only offers a wide range of angles on formation for faith leaders, but it also pushes them to engage in making their learning as dynamic and creative as possible. No student should prepare for ministry leadership without this outstanding toolbox of a book in their pocket. (Christian Scharen, Auburn Theological Seminary)

Engage is a valuable advice manual and resource guide for seminary students learning to live and serve in actual, real-life congregations and other ministry settings for the first time. Experienced pastors and thoughtful theological educators offer helpful guidance on many important aspects of learning and doing ministry. Dive in wherever your interests and concerns take you. You’ll find thoughtful, practical advice as well as helpful suggestions for further reading. (Craig Dykstra, Duke Divinity School)

About the Author

Matthew Floding is director of ministerial formation at Duke Divinity School. He previously served as director of formation for ministry at Western Theological Seminary. He has also served as pastor and college chaplain and is a consultant with expertise in field education issues. He is a former chair of the Association for Theological Field Education and editor of Welcome to Theological Field Education.