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ahr0cdovl2nvbnrlbnquy2xlyxjjagfubmvslmnvbs9jyy1jb21tb24vbwxpyi8xndkzny8wns8xndkzn18xmzy5otu4odyzlmpwzwIt was an honor to be on “Keep Hope Alive” Radio Show with Rev. Jesse Jackson & producer Santita Jackson. We discussed  Dr. Martin Luther King Day and the Women’s March.

Other guests on the show were Betty Magness, Terry O’Neil & Rev. Frank Watkins.

There is a lot of work to be done to fight against social injustices. Women’s rights are crucial and women around the globe are not going to stay silent as injustices continue to happen. The women’s march will be held globally.  Please go to this website to find out more and how to register. Please share the news. c2n0sxlviaef-uk

We also talked about Jeff Sessions and John Lewis.  John Lewis is an American Hero and his civil rights work need to be applauded. Please read this Sojourner’s post, Christian Theologians Give Sen. Jeff Sessions Their Own Confirmation ‘Hearing’ written by my theologians including Dr. Peter Heltzel and myself against Jeff Sessions.  Feel free to share and sign the petition against Jeff Sessions.