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embracing-the-otherI am so honored and excited to have my book, Embracing The Other on Syndicate.  

The Symposium on Syndicate is introduced by Drs. Peter Heltzel and Kay Higuera Smith. Every week for the next four weeks, we will read a new scholar’s perspective on my book, Embracing the Other.

This week’s post is from Dr. Jessica WongPlease feel free to respond and comment on Syndicate


Embracing the Other: An Asian Feminist Perspective

By Jessica Wong

Grace Ji-Sun Kim’s Embracing the Other is an innovative and challenging constructive theological response to the ways in which Christianity participated and continues to participate in the production of a social imaginary centered upon the ideal of white masculinity as the condition of true humanity, citizenship, and salvation. It is due to this Christian imagination that women and people of color have been treated as Other—as subhuman, foreign, and unsaved. Kim recognizes this institutionalized marginalization as, at least in part, the result of Christianity’s patriarchal inheritance and the ways in which Jesus’ particularity has been misused and perverted.

Kim’s analysis of Christianity’s role in the problematic production of how society perceives women and people of color is expansive and well researched. She recognizes the full scope of the issues at play within the problem of race and gender in the West. “The patriarchal notions within Christianity need to be challenged,” Kim argues, adding:

Christianity has become so westernized that anything non-Western sounds foreign or untrue or even evil. Reshaping the understanding of faith as culturally bound will work towards eliminating racism, prejudice, and subordination of nonwhite to white people. A new paradigm must exist to create a notion of equality between different women of color as well as between men and women. (85)

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