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embracing-the-otherI am so honored and excited to have my book, Embracing The Other on Syndicate.  

The Symposium on Syndicate is introduced by Drs. Peter Heltzel and Kay Higuera Smith. Every week for the next four weeks, we will read a new scholar’s perspective on my book, Embracing the Other.

This week’s post comes from Dr. Marion Grau. Please feel free to respond and comment on Syndicate

Embracing the Other

By Grace Ji-Sun Kim


Symposium Introduction

Introduction: Postcolonial Possibilities

Peter Goodwin Heltzel and Kay Higuera Smith

The theology of transformative love presented in Grace Ji-Sun Kim’s book, Embracing the Other: The Transformative Power of Love, is warmly welcomed in the aftermath of the presidential campaign of Donald Trump. Trump’s divisive rhetoric has illustrated a way of constructing stark social binaries, unveiling how socially violent they can be. For example, Trump said that “Mexicans were murderers and rapists” as a rhetorical strategy to foster the politics of resentment among white conservative Americans who think that Mexican immigrants are threatening their well-being and taking the jobs of “real Americans.” Yet the fact of the matter is that Mexicans were living in America long before white Europeans came to the Americas, with advent of European settler colonialism in the fifteenth century. Trump’s racial and gender generalizations reveal a form of identity construction in exclusively binary terms—black and white, immigrant and native—that work to maintain his white, male power and the social hierarchy that sustains it. Kim courageously questions the ideal of white masculinity in the United States and Canada, as well as the binaries that legitimate and perpetuate its ideological and institutional hegemony, arguing that all humans share the Spirit of God, the breath of life. She challenges us to breathe for love, breathe for peace, and breathe for God’s justice in the world through lives surrendered to working for a more justice, equitable, and sustainable future.


To read the rest of the Introduction and Dr. Marion Grau’s “Tricking the Other to Embrace” and my response to Dr. Grau, please go to Syndicate website. Please feel free to respond and comment on their website.