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I really enjoyed Dr. Robert D. Cornwall’s book, Unfettered Spirit.  I hope that many of you will get a chance to read and discover the goodness of this book. It is a wonderful read for the church.

Robert D. Cornwall, Unfettered Spirit: Spiritual Gifts for the New Great Awakening Gonzalez: Energion Publications, 2013

Much has been written on the person of Jesus and the soteriological importance of Christ, but relatively little, in comparison has been written, especially in western (Latin) Christianity, on the Spirit. With the movement towards a spirit world, it is important that we take a greater initiative to come to understand the Spirit rather than leave it in the shadows as a poor Cinderella-like relative. We must be open to the movement of the Spirit and allow it to move us and move the world to become a more just world.

Therefore, it is important that we get a deeper sense of the Spirit by reflecting, studying and reading about the Spirit. One good book which satisfies this need is Rev. Dr. Robert D. Cornwall’s book, Unfettered Spirit. Cornwall is a progressive Christian who has avoided Charismatic forms of Christianity. Cornwall who is a pastor and a theologian approaches the Spirit from a church historical understanding of the Spirit to point out how the Spirit never left the church. The wondrous Spirit was always with the church and continues to be with the Church.

Cornwall’s book goes into detail about the various gifts of the Spirit and how it is vital to the church to know them and allow them to flourish. The gifts of the Spirit to the church are gifts of leadership, word, service and community. These gifts will bring new life into churches which are dwindling as the church is the body of Christ. It is the gentle, yet refreshing powerful winds of the Spirit which is life-giving to our dry bodies. The gifts of the Spirit will revive the Church and allow the church to do great things.

This book is worthwhile read for its historical and biblical analysis. It helps us remember how the Spirit has changed and continues to change the church. We need to be open to the new revival of the church as we wish to enter a new phase in our lives. This book is important as it feeds the scholar and nourishes the church to become what we are called to be. It is a good book for the laity to understand the spiritual gifts which await them as they stay open to the Spirit and for the scholar who needs to understand the biblical roots to our understanding of the Spirit. In an age of uncertainty, social unrest and injustices, this book reminds us that we must all cling to the Spirit for a New Great Awakening.