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41Q84Fn7GOLI am delighted to announce a new book in the “Asian Christianity in the Diaspora” Book Series (Palgrave Macmillan).

The new book by Dr. Mark Chung Hearn, Religious Experience Among Second Generation Korean Americans is a wonderful contribution to the important Christian discourse of how Korean Americans have added richness to the American religious experience. Please order a copy for your libraries, colleges and seminaries. I hope you can use it in your classes too.

Asian Christianity in the Diaspora Book Series Editor-Dr. Joseph Cheah and myself. Dr. Chung’s book is the third book in the series. More books will be published this year. Please see the full list on the Palgrave Macmillan site.

Book Description

This book explores the ways through which Korean American men demonstrate and navigate their manhood within a US context that has historically sorted them into several limiting, often emasculating, stereotypes. In the US, Korean men tend to be viewed as passive, non-athletic, and asexual (or hypersexual). They are often burdened with very specific expectations that run counter to traditional tropes of US masculinity.  According to the normative script of masculinity, a “man” is rugged, individualistic, and powerful―the antithesis of the US social construction of Asian American men. In an interdisciplinary fashion, this book probes the lives of Korean American men through the lenses of religion and sports. Though these and other outlets can serve to empower Korean American men to resist historical scripts that limit their performance of masculinity, they can also become harmful. Mark Chung Hearn utilizes ethnography, participant observation, and interviews conducted with second-generation Korean American men to explore what it means to be an Asian American man today.

Editorial Reviews


“Hearn has looked carefully beneath the surface to reveal the complex motivations and conflicts affecting Korean American men. This book will doubtless generate much discussion and needed changes.” (Ken Fong, Executive Director, Asian American Initiative, and Assistant Professor of Asian American Church Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary, USA; Senior Pastor, Evergreen Baptist Church of Los Angeles, USA)

“This book is a spiritual resource, a creative, interdisciplinary approach to pastoral theology, and a religious educational tool. It responds to the need for restoring healing and restoration of more just relationships between men and women. ” (Elizabeth Conde-Frazier, Vice President of Education and Dean of Esperanza College, Eastern University, USA)

“Hearn perceptively opens up the deeply buried hurts, wounds, fears, and vulnerabilities of Korean American men. The book thoughtfully presents routes toward lasting healing. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to Korean American pastors and leaders, in addition to non-Korean American church leaders. There are excellent insights here.” (Andrew Sung Park, Professor of Theology and Ethics, United Theological Seminary, USA, and author of Racial Conflict and Healing)

**For more information about the “Asian Christianity in the Diaspora” book series and questions about book proposals, please contact Dr. Joseph Cheah or myself.


Hearn-ThumbMark Chung Hearn is a second-generation Korean American. He is Assistant Clinical Professor of Contextual Education and Ministry and the Director of Contextual Education at Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry, USA. In addition to serving as an educator, he has ministered as a pastor, athletic coach, and church consultant.